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We understand that buying a pre-owned watch for the first time can be a daunting experience, so to put your mind at ease we'd like to let you know a bit about how we do business.

Value of buying

The value of buying pre-owned
The Watch Club loves vintage watches, and it seems the rest of the world is catching on too. Over the last 20 years these watches have grown into a proven investment asset class. Important watches are chasing the fine art market hard. We have seen Rolex & Patek regularly achieve over a million dollars at auction, and the sale of Paul Newman’s own 6239 Daytona set a new benchmark for wristwatches at $17,752,500. Remember, the last world record stood for less than a year.
Few other assets provide this level of financial security, and certainly none look as good on the wrist!

  • 2 year warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Buy-back promise
  • Photographic atelier
  • Full 2 Year Warranty

    2 year warranty

    The Watch Club offer a comprehensive two-year warranty. Each watch is inspected by a qualified watchmaker to ensure it reaches you in perfect working order. Where necessary, our watches are serviced and we have the latest pressure-testing and timing equipment on-site. We are extremely experienced and work with the country’s most skilled watchmakers. In the event of any problem, please get the watch to us as quickly as possible, and we will help you to resolve it. Please refer to our written warranty terms for more information.

    Shocks, Knocks, and Bumps Water ingress
  • Free shipping

    Free shipping

    We ship watches all over the world. We use a specialist shipping service to ensure that you receive your watch safely and quickly. We also provide full insurance for each purchase until it's securely delivered to your door. Tracking details are provided once your watch has been dispatched. Delivery is typically within 48 hours within the EU. We do not charge for shipping – this service, including the insurance, is free of charge. Shipments to the EU have no import duty, although local VAT is likely to be applicable. Click here for more information.

  • Buy-back promise

    Buy-back promise

    We are very proud of all of our watches, so will gladly buy back any watch that has come from The Watch Club. If you’re looking to sell or part-exchange then please get in touch.

We're often asked 'Are the watches really as good as they look in the photos?' The answer is yes, our watches are exactly as they appear. We photograph each one individually for the website so the watch you see is the watch you get. It is physically here, in stock and in the condition you see.

The quality, and honesty of our photographs allows us to ship watches with confidence to clients all over the world. Each picture is taken by our in-house photographers (Michal and Giovanna) from our Mayfair studio, and is shot to allow you to zoom in on the minutest of details (because they matter).

Value of buying
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Shocks, Knocks, and Bumps
Watch movements are very reliable machines, but they are delicate, and will definitely be affected by jarring and knocks. This includes being dropped (even onto cushioned surfaces like carpets), being worn while playing golf, tennis, shooting, cycling over bumpy terrain, or the more obvious falls onto hard surfaces. The outcome percussions like these can be unpredictable: the watch may stop, the timekeeping could change, maybe it will only run in one position, and so on. User-induced knocks like these are not normally covered under the warranty; whatever the cause, our specialist watchmakers will be able to get your watch working correctly again.

Water ingress
Water is a deadly ingredient to a watch. If your watch gets water inside, even if it just looks like condensation under the glass, get the watch over to us as fast as possible. We may be able to limit the damage. Salt or chlorinated water are doubly dangerous due to their corrosiveness. Even an otherwise-“waterproof” watch can still leak, for example if a screw-down winding crown isn't fully tightened, if a chronograph pusher or other external part gets inadvertently activated while the watch is wet, if daily grime gets under the winding crown seals, and more. A blow might cause the glass to get chipped or moved, or it might distort the case or some external case part. Any of these can create a passage for water ingress. Also heat, such as in a sauna or steam room can deteriorate the sealing gaskets. In most cases, water damage to the movement can be repaired, although visible parts like the dial and hands may be irreparably changed. We recommend that owners have the seals and gaskets on water-tight watches checked every year. Our warranty does not cover any instance where water ingress is due to the user's activity, or their omission to maintain the seals.

We are very experienced and have access to the country's most skilled watchmakers. In the event of any problem, please get the watch to us as quickly as possible, and we will help you to resolve it. Your statutory rights remain unaffected.

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