Friends of Watch Club – Inge Solheim

“On expedition, I wouldn't bring a backup Rolex – I trust it!”

"Who is Inge Solheim?" A little while ago we spent a morning in London with our friend getting some of the answers to that question. We chatted about his straightforward life philosophy, and the watch he used to wear before he teamed up with Breitling: a Pro-Hunter Deepsea.

Inge is a polar explorer and guide, and a champion for conservation of the polar regions. In 2013, he guided Prince Harry and the team of Walking with the Wounded on an expedition to the South Pole.

Inge knows better than most how, in extreme environments, a wristwatch becomes a never-failing guide. The Deepsea, supplied by Pro-Hunter through Watch Club, was worn on numerous expiditions, trekking in the Arctic and Antarctic, skiing and diving, and, like the explorers' watches on all those famous old National Geographic adverts, it stayed utterly reliable without any attention.

Here is is, chatting about his life and experiences.

“For part of my journey, I'll be the northernmost person in the world ... the nearest humans will be on the International Space Station”

Technical or 'tool watches' like the Deepsea are among Watch Club's favourite, and we love how people not only find them reliable, they keep increasing in value. A limited supply of these good-looking watches means that many steel sports watches are often worth more now than they were when they were bought a few years ago. Here are a selection of Rolex, and Pro-Hunter.

In December 2019, CNN broadcast a series called Modern Exporers. Watch their profile on Inge here. He plans to Ski 1000Km to the North Pole in 2020.

We never come away from a conversation with Inge without feeling more energised and positive.

All the best, Inge!

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