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Watch Club are the official UK agents for the highly-exclusive range of Pro-Hunter custom watches.

A black Diamond-Like Carbon coating protects the watch in a jacket of molecular diamond crystals that is nearly impossible to scratch. The industry alternative ‘pvd’ coating  doesn’t even come close.

Pro Hunter are an independent company whose customisations are famous for enhancing the aesthetic and industrial qualities of Rolex watches. The conversions are respectful of the history of Rolex watch company, preserving original concepts like:

All these features were used in classic Rolex watches created for the British Royal Marines and other specialists.

All watches are new, and are comprehensively guaranteed by Pro-Hunter for two years.

	Pro-Hunter Green Glass Milgauss Picture

Pro-Hunter Daytona

The next instalment from Pro-Hunter's best-selling Daytona range. Only 100 examples of the Paul Newman will ever be produced across the four dial variants, black, brown, purple and red, making these watches among the rarest ... [More Info]

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Pro-Hunter Explorer

The Explorer is synonymous with the conquest of Everest. Even today, with superior equipment and training, only the toughest climbers can successfully scale the world's greatest mountain. The Pro-Hunter customisation is limited ... [More Info]

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Pro-Hunter Explorer II

Pro-Hunter's tribute to one of the world's greatest adventurer's watches. The Explorer II has accompanied Explorers around the world, commended for it's incredible resistance to temperature change, and featuring an over-size twenty-four hour hand; an invaluable addition designed for ... [More Info]

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Pro-Hunter GMT-Master

Originally for pilots crossing the Atlantic in the 1950s, the Rolex GMT-Master has become one of the most wearable and user-friendly of all the Rolex technical watches. The Pro-Hunter customisation respectfully preserves ... [More Info]

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Pro-Hunter Milgauss

Two customisations of the Milgauss are available, a classic Diamond-Like Carbon coated case, and the Total Matt Green Mark II, where the green sapphire of the Rolex original is subtly complimented by ... [More Info]

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Pro-Hunter Sea-Dweller

Still one of horology's most astonishingly tough creations, the Rolex Deepsea is capable of withstanding the oceans' most extreme pressures. The Pro-Hunter customisation retains the critical helium-release valve, while offering two options in this rare steel and titanium watch: the Deepsea, on a DLC-treated Oyster bracelet, and the Military ... [More Info]

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Pro-Hunter Submariner

The Pro-Hunter Submariner is inspired by the British Royal Marines Rolex diving watches of the 1960s and 1970s. Only available in 100 numbered pieces, this is the new bigger (40mm) model, with ceramic bezel, and easily adjustable "Glidelock" clasp. Also available in ... [More Info] uses cookies. By continuing to use the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn more »